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What we do

Langley Consulting Group has more than 20 years of successful experience consulting in these areas:

  • Business Development

  • Land Use, Zoning and Development

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Government Relations

  • Public Relations

Langley Consulting Group understands land use issues from the governmental and client perspectives. The group's proven ability to work effectively with local elected officials and staff provides clients with an unmatched level of service and efficient results.

Our team also assists clients in resolving disputes, with or without litigation, between the clients and government or when third parties challenge government decisions that benefit our clients. We also handle unique challenges, including the scarcity of developable land and the increasing constraints upon development of municipal water and sewer capacities.

Langley Consulting Group assists clients in taking development plans through the complexities of the regulatory process. We have obtained governmental approvals from 23 municipalities and 8 counties within Florida, enabling clients to construct projects, large and small, of every type and style.


  • Agricultural Classifications/Exemptions

  • Annexation

  • Amendments to Comprehensive Plans and
    Land Development Regulations

  • Building Code Compliance Issues

  • Business Development

  • Code Enforcement

  • Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs)

  • Comprehensive and Master Plan Amendments

  • Concurrency Requirements

  • Development Incentives

  • Developments of Regional Impacts (DRIs)

  • Due Diligence Analysis and Review

  • Environmental Issues and Permits

  • Event Planning

  • Filing and Processing Traditional Zoning Applications

  • Government Relations

  • Grassroots and Coalition Building

  • Growth Management

  • Historical Preservation and Landmark Issues

  • Impact Fees

  • Influencer

  • Issue Research

  • Land Use Planning

  • Lobbying

  • Negotiation and Drafting of Developer Agreements

  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)

  • Political Action Committees

  • Public Relations

  • Procurement Documents

  • Representation Before Administrative Agencies at State, and Local government

  • Representation Relating to Impact Fees and Capital Charges

  • Site Planning and Site Plan Applications

  • State and Federal Regulations

  • Subdivision Approvals

  • Tax Incentive Programs

  • Use of Public Ways and Air Rights

  • Variances

  • Vested Rights Issues

  • Zoning & Land Use Changes

  • Zoning Approvals & Permits

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